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From human cardiology to petMAP

A team of medical experts, initially dedicated to human cardiac health, laid the foundation for petMAP. Their wealth of expertise and inventive strategies have transformed healthcare for our cherished pets.
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Our Origins: Ramsey Medical, Inc.

Ramsey Medical, the developer of petMAP, was founded by Dr. Maynard Ramsey. In 1976 he invented the groundbreaking DINAMAP NIBP monitor.

After its acquisition by Johnson & Johnson, DINAMAP technology set a new standard in NIBP measurements across various hospital settings. With this expertise and vision, Ramsey Medical was founded.

Dr. Ramsey's Vision for petMAP

In 2005, Dr. Ramsey channeled his expertise into developing petMAP, specifically designed for companion animals.

Incorporating petMAP’s Proprietary Optimizations (PPO), the device significantly enhances the accuracy and sensitivity of measurements, tailored to species like dogs and cats, correlating with intra-arterial pressures.

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Manufactured by CardioCommand, Made in the USA

All petMAPs are expertly manufactured and distributed by CardioCommand, Inc., a leader in medical device manufacturing since 1994.

Known for their pioneering transesophageal atrial pacing (TAP) systems, CardioCommand has made significant contributions to Cardiology Electrophysiology, Stress Testing, and Anesthesia/Surgery in human medicine.

As a manufacturing partner and distributor for Ramsey Medical, Inc., CardioCommand is responsible for the production, service, and global sales of petMAP, continuing a legacy of excellence in medical innovation.

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Empower Your Practice with Precision & Portability

Explore our range and find the petMAP that aligns with your practice’s unique needs.
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