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vet techs and veterinarians using petMAP

“. . . Use of this unit is very simple and we were readily able to train ourselves and our assistants to perform the BP assessments in no time. . . The petMAP is a great little system – dead easy to use and works well.  Unlike other methods, it’s a totally one handed automatic operation; it’s very quiet and peaceful to do. . . “

Andrew & Janet Von Berky
Woody Point, Australia

“We really like the petMAP blood pressure reader. As a veterinary nurse, I can go cage side, and get a blood pressure reading on a patient by myself. The patient is not bothered by any noise or hassle. It is also a wonderful tool for teaching new students how to obtain a blood pressure.”

Vivian Tiffany, CVT
College of Veterinary Technology

“Your petMAP™ blood pressure device is the best new veterinary product on the market.  Blood pressure is so easy to take now, and it is cost effective to do exam room blood pressure. Doppler is a technique nightmare and the oscillometric devices are too cumbersome outside of surgery. We use the petMAP™ in the exam room, surgery, and dentistry. I am a “techie” and a former engineering student before going to vet school. I really appreciate an innovative and extremely useful instrument that enables me to practice better medicine.”

Barry L. Bjornsen, DVM
Denver, CO

“We believe we purchased the very first petMAP™. We purchased it not only for monitoring blood pressure, but to incorporate into our regular examination protocol. The petMAP™ has proved incredibly easier to use than our Doppler blood pressure machine, and we have not yet seen the animal where we are unable to get a good reading. Because of the reliability of the instrument and the procedure, we can attribute two life saving instances where we were able to establish blood pressure as a factor, and alter our intended procedures. The staff at CardioCommand, Inc. has been very supportive and readily available when we have questions. I would recommend this instrument to any hospital that would like to incorporate blood pressure as a standard protocol into their hospital.”

Collin M. Babcock, MSSW
Eagle Rock, MO

“The petMAP™ has dramatically improved our ability to care for our patients, especially the nervous ones.  No loud noises to scare patients, no bulky equipment, and greatly improved consistency and ease of use.”

“We’ve had our petMAP™ since September 2005 and we tested it against our Doppler/Parks for accuracy. We found the readings to match, so we feel confident that it is accurate. We also have a Dinamap that we used on large dogs, but have replaced that as well with the petMAP™. It is so quick and simple to use, plus we have found the pets seem to tolerate it better than the noisier and clumsier Doppler/Parks. We also like the fact that it isn’t dependant on the operator’s hearing capabilities. We now consider the petMAP™ an indispensable tool in our practice.”

Dr. William Stearman
Coppell, TX

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