petMAP XM:

New, Handheld ECG/HR/SpO2/TEMP Veterinary Monitoring Device Provides:

  • A 5" full color touchscreen display
  • Configuration options for the base unit: - ECG (surface leads or Eso probes) - Temp (rectal or esophageal) - SpO2 choices
  • Plugin modules for CO2, BP
  • BlueTooth connection to petMAP Remote Display
  • Portability with multiple mounting options (pole or table)
  • SD memory card stores trend data, screen shots and ECG waveforms
  • Rechargeable (NiMH) batteries and wall charger included

Built-in Parameters Measured

Add-On Modules

Includes 2 airway adapters. 1 year warranty.

Includes 7 cuffs (2.0cm - 5.5cm) and 2 cuff extensions. 1 year warranty.

Add Protective Cover:

Add Additional CritterCuffs:

7 cuffs, sizes 2.0 cm - 5.5 cm included

Add petMAP XM Accessories:

(for use with 7504)

(for use with 7504)

(for use with 7504)

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